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Blue Butterfly adventures is a travel agency that arranges personal and sustainable adventures in Peru, with a highlight on the Amazon Rainforest. It is our mission to realize the best conditions for you to experience the amazing biodiversity and colourful cultures of South America. We work as much as possible with local guides and communities. Join us to migrate into new adventures!
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Peru Amazon Jungle adventures

Real warm, real local and very exciting to plump into a jungle lake

Our roots can be found in the Amazon jungle of Southern Peru, where you can experience the unique jungle atmospheres of South America's amazing biodiversity!

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Peru Cusco Mountains adventures

Amazing Highest Andes Mountains with rich inheritage, not to forget Machu Picchu

The Andes mountains are crowned with Cusco, positioned in the center of the former Inca kingdom. Experience the colourful mountain landscapes and Peru's rich cultural inheritage.

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Other destinations

And there's more...

All the highlights of Peru, Bolivia and Brazil could not be visited in a lifetime. If you would like to add a specific other destination in one of these countries, we can give you some suggestions and help you to arrange your tour.

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Peru Round trips

Visit a selection of Peru's most beautiful area's

Here you find some example roundtrips (10-15-21 days). These can be combined with extra experiences like jungle expeditions, mountain treks or a native homestay and local activities.

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